CRH’s Code of Business Conduct and related policies (COBC) sets out our standards of legal, honest and ethical behaviour.This is underpinned by a culture of openness (including an independent SpeakUp! hotline) and our value of doing what we say and leading with integrity. Our COBC provides guidance on how we protect our integrity and continue to engage with our customers, suppliers and the wider community in a responsible, ethical, respectful and sustainable way. CRH’s overall guidance is clear: "There is never a good business reason to do the wrong thing".

CRH’s Legal and Compliance function provides advice, guidance, support and assistance to executive and operational management and works closely with them to provide COBC training to our employees. Their work supports CRH’s commitment to educate our employees in the COBC and its values and to ensure that they understand their roles and responsibilities in upholding the COBC principles.

CRH works to detect violations of the COBC which are taken seriously, fully investigated and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. In particular, CRH takes a zero-tolerance approach to bribery, corruption and fraud.

CRH’s Internal Audit function works side-by-side with Legal and Compliance in monitoring compliance with the COBC and in providing an integrated approach to assurance. This cross-functional collaboration supports CRH’s goal: to ensure CRH leads with integrity.