CRH is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and we regularly review our governance structures and arrangements to ensure that they meet best practice requirements.

The CRH Board is responsible for the leadership, oversight, control, development and long-term success of the Group. It is also responsible for instilling the appropriate culture, values and behaviour throughout the organisation. There is a formal schedule of matters reserved to the Board for consideration and discussion, including: 

  • Appointment of Directors
  • Strategic Plans for the Group
  • Annual Budget
  • Major Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Significant Capital Expenditure
  • Approval of full-year results and the Annual Report and Form 20-F
  • Approval of the interim results

Biographical details of each Director can be found in the leadership section. A non-executive Director’s term of office is subject to his/her individual re-election by shareholders each year.